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Call for Panelists

UniPro Seattle

We are inviting four panelists, who are of different gender, sexuality, career trajectory, and age to provide diverse narratives for the delegates.

In tandem with this year’s Summit theme of Reach, the panel portion will focus on multicultural unity. Reflect on your successes, challenges, and insights on what it means to identify as Filipino American alongside other intersections of your identity and how this manifests in your field of work. Our delegates are eager to listen to the visions you uphold and pathways you constructed; identify challenging questions that you once asked yourself and continue to do so during discernment processes in your personal and/or professional trajectory. Additionally, we encourage you to share your ideas as to how we can reach multicultural unity and work in solidarity with other communities of color. We seek panelists from diverse backgrounds to capture a range of experiences for our delegates.

Visit the Call for Panelists page for more information.